What is the time difference from Corfu to Moscow?

Vacation planning is often associated with the question, how much time in that part of the world where there is a desire to go. It often happens that the time difference does not affect the choice, if the rest is not very different from the everyday, but many people are exposed change adaptation and a long restructuring of the body to the new time zone.

Время на Корфу

Therefore, in the rest period due to differences in time zones, you may lose a few days to get used to the surrounding time. So people stay on the island of Corfu in Greece is the best option, because the time in Corfu in the summer is no different from time zone to Moscow.

Time in Kerkyra

Время на Корфу

Corfu island (Korfu)

Corfu was the time comply with, like all of mainland Greece under UTC+3, for example, 08 Aug 2017 time in Kerkyra is no different from the time in Moscow. If in Moscow 12 hours of the day, Kerkyra exact time shows at noon. Last transition time period occurred on March 26, 2107 year at 3.00 PM.

Summer and winter in Kerkyra

Greece adjusts the clock for daylight saving time. Therefore, those wishing to go to the island after October should know that the difference in time from Corfu and Moscow.

Время на Корфу

Old town

will be equal to one hour ago. The transition to winter time on the island of Corfu is held on the last Sunday in October back one hour and daylight saving time the last Sunday in March. So the next few transitions are as follows:

  • winter. The transition is expected on Sunday 29 Oct at 4.00 am. The clock on the island of Corfu will translate into one hour ago;
  • summer. The transition will occur on Sunday 25 March at 3.00 am. Clocks will go forward an hour, and the time is going to be Moscow.
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In any case, the Corfu is beautiful at any time of the year and from December to February tourists waiting up to 17 degrees in the day and 10 degrees at night. The sea warms up to 17 degrees in December and 15 in February. Therefore, when planning a holiday should not be reserved too warm clothes. Have a great vacation.

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