The pluses of staying in Benitses village of Corfu

The village of Benitses, though is small in size, but its infrastructure can provide all conditions for recreation. Benitses Corfu tourist card is composed of numerous hotels, restaurants, taverns and beaches.

Карта города Беницес (Корфу)

Map of Corfu

Hotels in Benitses

Places to stay the village of Benitses provides enough for every taste and budget. Among them are:

  1. Primasol Louis Ionian Sun is a 4 star hotel. It offers comfortable rooms equipped with satellite TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, comfortable balconies overlooking the sea or the mountains. From activities like tennis court, basketball court, several swimming pools, including for children. The hotel is at a distance of 15 km from the international airport and 15 km from the centre of Corfu town;
  2. With a stay at Potamaki Beach hotel, but, despite the small number of “stars” offers all the amenities of the highest class. It has furnished rooms with fridge, air conditioning and balconies with views of the garden or the Bay. The restaurant is located on site and offers an excellent quality of food both Greek and continental cuisine;
  3. Bella Vista Beach family hotel with good functioning. All rooms are equipped with all necessary appliances and have a fresh repair. It offers a pool, service, car rental and travel Agency services.

Check in at hotels take place after 14.00 so you should check with your tour operator of your arrival time to the island of Corfu, or you can book a transfer to the hotel.

The cafes and restaurants of Benitses

Food tourists in the resort town of Benitses is established in a big way. There is a small taverns and cafes, and great restaurants. Each of them served delicious food at the choice of the visitor. Mostly Greek cuisine or seafood, but there is quite real to order and the meat. Among the most preferred restaurants according to reviews of tourists can be distinguished:

  • “Paxinos”;
  • “La Pergola”;
  • “Zorbas”.
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All food items have menu in Russian language, and multilingual staff. Benitses Corfu tavernas and little cafes regular customers can surprise a free bottle of wine or serving of ice cream.

Карта города Беницес (Корфу)

city Map of Benitses (Corfu)

Many cafes and taverns will close for the Siesta. Basic working hours from 12.00 to 16.00 and from 19.00 to 22.00, so to find out the schedule of the institution will not be superfluous.

Transport Of Benitses

From Corfu international airport to Benitses an average of about 20 km And if you go on vacation without a tour to the village can be reached by such kinds of transport:

  • Rent-a-car. Take your car rental directly at the airport. There’s a pretty decent selection of different rental price.
  • Taxi. Taxi service can be necessary for tourists who not so good orientate on the island or have a reservation in the specific hotel. Additionally it is convenient when travelling a few people with a lot of Luggage.
  • Bus. Ride the bus to Benitses involves transplant. First you need to go to the bus station of Corfu, where you can transfer to blue bus # 6. The journey time is about 30 minutes.

If this is the first visit to the island it is not worth saving, grab a Shuttle to the hotel and problem with its search will be resolved through the official carriers.

The sea and the beach

The sea in Mpenitses with warm clear water and a sandy bottom. When bathing, you can consider small fish and seaweed. Here is a very well developed service of renting all kinds of equipment for snorkeling and diving. The beaches are large and equipped with sun loungers and parasols. During the summer months the potential release of algae on the shore, which, despite the cleaning of beaches, still stick to shoes.

Карта города Беницес (Корфу)

the Sea of Benitses

Reviews of Mpenitses

In the opinion of tourists, the village is striking for its nature and beautiful landscapes. Here you will find a place to stay people with different levels of income and wish to spend time in conditions of high service. It offers numerous sports fields, swimming pools, rent bicycles or scooters. Children will like the fun with the entertainment staff or spent time in children’s game rooms.

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In General, the village of Benitses is designed for a quiet and peaceful stay, there are no noisy places, so young people seeking all night discos it is better to look for another place to stay.

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