How to get insurance to Greece?

Visa to Greece can’t do without insurance policy – this is a mandatory step for the correct execution of documents. The availability of insurance in Greece, specifically Corfu can already require at passport control and if not, then you can be fined or denied entry.

Why you need insurance in Greece?

According to Law No. 155-FZ of 28.12.2015 persons traveling across the border of the Russian Federation will lose the right to free medical assistance and are required to obtain an insurance policy having effect abroad. Such a policy should have the following conditions:

  • the policy should not operate the entire period of travel;
  • have at least 30 thousand euros of sum insured;
  • contain a certain list of risks.

Страховка в Грецию

Greece is a European country and the medical services here are expensive, so no insurance company to pay for them, not everyone can, as a matter of urgency to find a doctor in a foreign country.

The insurance contract is issued even for babies and can performed by one person or on several at once. Tourist is given 2 copies of the document, one of which you need to pass for visa. The insurance policy begins its work at the intersection of the border post and ends on the day of homecoming.

Which is better – an individual policy or a model?

The cost of the policy depends on many factors, this may be the age of the traveler and the duration of travel, and the list of included risks. Compensation under the agreement may leave from 30 thousand to 1 million euros. Assistance is provided after occurrence of the insured event within the amount of security, but even the not great policy gives you the assurance that assistance will be provided. People with chronic diseases or for travellers planning a diving or other water activities makes sense to issue a mandatory policy with additional risk factors.

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To help the dentist can be allocated 100 euros, but if the problem with the teeth available, you will have to pay the doctor for services is still a certain amount of hands. Therefore, it is better to consider these things and choose the policy with the required amount of security.

How to choose an insurance company for a trip to Corfu?

Insurance of Russian citizens abroad have a lot of companies at different prices, so determining where to issue the policy, can be difficult. It is desirable to apply to the largest firms with a long history of work. They are accredited in the consulates of the Schengen countries and will not risk the reputation of a violation of obligations.

Most of the campaigns have been partners with the assistance. This service, which organizes assistance insurance and have direct contracts with hospitals and the Greek physicians. These operators take calls from travelers, looking for an acceptable alternative medical institutions, the question of payment to doctors and medical institutions. But more than 10 % of insurance companies work differently, the visit to the doctor and medication have to be paid independently, and compensation returns on the basis of bills and cheques at home. This option can be risky, personal funds may not be enough, and to seek additional money in a foreign country is difficult and unprofitable.

Ordering insurance in Greece online

To buy such important health insurance in Greece, can and online. Many companies provide such an opportunity, the client is required only to specify the data and pay for the order. This requires the data of passports in the Russian areas and travel document, the e-mail address which will receive the policy and a phone number.

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Страховка в Грецию

Payment is accepted any cards, and also through the electronic system. Received policy you want to print multiple copies. Such insurance has a digital signature, and even scans of the document are accepted at any Consulate world.

A printout of the policy need to have with you always and everywhere, even on the beach, small towns of Europe may not have the technical means to view the electronic version of the insurance. It is also advisable to leave a copy of the insurance document relatives or friends who can communicate with the insurance company.

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