The advantages of a direct flight from St. Petersburg to Kerkyra

Nowadays, airline tickets can be easily booked right at home. But in order to choose the most profitable and convenient flight, you need to study the different nuances of one or another direction. In this article we present a lot of practical advice that will help you to buy a ticket for Saint Petersburg- Corfu direct flight. Let in one material will be collected a variety of information about the mission.

Санкт-Петербург - Керкира прямой рейс

Kerkyra (Corfu)

Holidays in Corfu

The picturesque Greek island of Corfu is one of the most desirable resorts for tourists from different corners of the world. Corfu is one of the names of this island and also the capital of Corfu. In order to more fully imagine the rest in this Paradise, is to learn about it in a few points:

  • the climate of Corfu is mild – the temperature of these thermometer does not rise above 30 degrees. Also on Corfu you will not find excessive rainfall or winds. Therefore, local vacation can be memorable for life quiet time, without any combustions in the sun and other disasters;
  • these beaches are attractive for different kinds of tourists. Corfu can be seen as rocky and sandy shores. In addition, you can relax on the landscaped beach or find a secluded wild place. There are many bays and picturesque coves and beautiful sea caves, grottoes and beautiful rocks, decorated with lush greenery;
Санкт-Петербург-Керкира прямой рейс

Holiday in Corfu

  • the local underwater world is able to impress many, and even amaze. Beautiful colored fish are not afraid of tourists, and swim close to the shore. They are joined by the octopus, crabs and sea stars. For tourists with children a bright colorful world is the main attraction of the island;
  • Corfu possesses a lot of cultural and historical attractions. Especially on the island many different types of fortresses, churches and monasteries. They perfectly convey the original mood of Greece. Chief among the temples is the Temple of Saint Spiridon, with its magnificent decoration and interesting history.

Flight from St Petersburg to Kerkyra

So, we learned a little bit about the rest in this picturesque place, which is sometimes called the Emerald Paradise. Now you need to build in my head your trip, which can become the most unforgettable time of your life. For that, you should consider all to the smallest details. To buy tickets, of course, a key point in the whole trip. Well, let’s get some data that will help to do this:

  1. the distance between Saint Petersburg and Corfu is 2373 kilometers. To find out how many they have to fly in a plane;
  2. the average ticket in this direction is 9690 rubles. It is absolutely average, which takes into account and average prices of different airlines;
Санкт-Петербург-Керкира прямой рейс

Flight to Corfu

  1. the cheapest company where you can buy tickets for the route Saint Petersburg – Corfu is Rossiya Airlines. There are also other airlines which have direct flights in this direction. Some of these airlines: Rossiya Airlines, Astra Airlines and easyJet;
  2. it is also interesting that the most advantageous tickets for a given direction it is possible to book already for 39 days. Moreover, if you go to a popular place to stay. There is also book and place;
  3. the fastest plane on this route makes the journey in 3 hours and 25 minutes.

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