Features of the market in the village of Benitses in Corfu

Corfu is perhaps one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. Everything here is created for rest and maximum relaxation. The warm climate, beautiful sea, picturesque cliffs, delicious local fruit are as if created in order to return here again and again. The local residents, carfinance.

Рынок в поселке Беницес Корфу

the Market in the village of Benitses in Corfu

They will turn your stay into an unforgettable adventure, filled with bright smiles and a desire to help that will come from local residents. Sometimes it will create the impression that they are ready at any time of the day and night to fulfill any of your requests and orders. It often happens that the inhabitants of this island are a family run business in the form of small hotels, which warmly welcome tourists from all over the world.

So in these hotels it is possible to more fully feel all the charm of Greek hospitality. Here you will find the small apartments with kitchenette or rooms with the necessary amenities. The decor may be no-frills, but you get a lot of smiles, advice, stories about Corfu, and, perhaps, treats from the master’s table in the form of Greek dishes.

The Village Of Benitses

Corfu is surrounded by a small cozy suburbs. Russian tourists are well known parts of the island, as Moraitika and Benitses. They largely attract tourists thanks to its excellent well-maintained beaches, developed infrastructure, cultural attractions and affordable prices for accommodation. Let’s talk about the benefits of Benitses village:

  1. it is a quiet secluded spot is just the perfect resort for families and tourists with children. Here you will not be disturbed by noisy Nightclubs, loud parties and parties. The history of the village says that in his time he was the center of attraction of youth. In Mpenitses conducted many beach and club parties and various get-togethers. But this is largely not satisfied local residents. Most likely, because of the abundance of noise that was coming from the beaches, clubs and cafes. That is why all this movement eventually came to naught. Now Benitses is different just what is remarkably quiet. Cheerful young people will find entertainment in this town is so boring here. This suburb rather lure a relaxed vacationer who wants to experience the world of peace, bliss and beautiful charming nature;
Рынок в поселке Беницес Корфу

Town of Benitses

  1. the beaches here are characterized by their well-maintained and clean. Benitses even awarded the blue flag in the local area means the presence of clean beaches. They are all happy to meet visitors, enveloping them in waves of the Ionian sea. You can find pebble and sand beaches. And, as with all of Corfu, in Mpenitses you will also be able to find for yourself and your company some wild retreat where will be most fully manifested in the natural beauty of the village;
  2. the cost of housing in this village will be pleased with the newcomers. The prices here are quite reasonable, as the prices for food. You can save money to then spend it buying beautiful local Souvenirs made of shells for their loved ones. The inhabitants of Benitses offer tourists a variety of hotels, apartments and villas to stay. You will be able to choose for themselves the most appropriate option. You can even find a house with a small kitchen where you can prepare yourself for a wonderful Greek lunch.
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Market Benitses

In order to cook dinner for you and your group will need to purchase on the market. Or in the shop. In this place a large number of places where you can buy fresh food for lunch. Especially you will enjoy local fruits and vegetables.

One gets the feeling that always fresh fruits ripen on this island all year round. The Greeks especially love to add them to your meals and make fruit and vegetable salads and snacks. Many of karpinjan are vegetarians or vegans. We decided to give a few tips for those who go to the market Benitses:

  • choose the freshest produce and fruits. To do this, refer to the appearance and date of manufacture, if you’re shopping in the store;
Рынок в поселке Беницес Корфу

Market Benitses

  • to buy fruit and vegetables choose a big market or shops. You should not take them with machines that are placed in different places of the village – here the prices are most inflated;
  • be sure to try the local oranges, loganberries, olives, pears and figs that grow in Corfu Moraitika or (in Mpenitses actually also have fruit and berry trees, though not in such numbers ). Orange orchards, olive and Fig trees and BlackBerry bushes can meet you in the wild. Then you get to pick a delicious and juicy fruit. And this is absolutely free.

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