On the island of Corfu restaurants, bars and cafes are abundant. There is always a can not only delicious to eat, admire the local beauty, but also to enjoy the various festivals that are organised in such institutions. So what are the best restaurants in Corfu? Presenting the top ten most popular restaurants on the island.

Despite its size the island of Corfu is famous among tourists all over the world. This popular resort stretch of land give not only the beautiful sea and gorgeous greenery, and cozy taverns. Here you can enjoy authentic Greek cuisine, which has preserved the old traditions and family secrets.

There is the opinion that holidays in Corfu is expensive with a focus on the very wealthy travelers. In fact, the situation is not quite so. There on the island and five star hotels with all inclusive, but there are more budget accommodation options. The same can be said about the food, you can eat in the finest restaurants, and you can find a cozy tavern, where the cooking will not be inferior in quality.