Greek airline Aegean has drawn up its plan for 2019, the first year in which there is the emergence of 18 new routes. The plan says the airline’s present organization 153 routes in 44 countries. In 2019-th company will offer customers more than 16 million seats, which is 699 thousand more than in the current year. Among the new routes of the Greek cab driver notes 11 bus from Athens to Italy, Spain, Croatia and other cities. The new direction will be 7 flights from the regional airports of the country. Thus, the airline will connect the island of Corfu with the Russian capital.

In chain of hotels, Resort Hotels now there Magna Graecia Hotel 4*. Well-known travel company Mouzenidis travel has told, that this 26 hotel account in the Greek resorts and 27 in the collection. They also say that it is the most cozy, comfortable four-star hotel, which is located in the picturesque village of Dassia. The island’s capital Corfu town is just 11 km from the hotel complex. The hotel offers its visitors cozy and comfortable rooms, unique style and high service. The hotel is designed for cosy budget holiday, but after the upgrade its landscaped territory of the hotel complex became even more beautiful and more accessible for families. However, he will operate on the basis Bomo Family, matching requirements...

In the fall of the American magazine for travellers Conde Nast Traveler announced the results of the annual readers ‘ poll Readers’ Choice Travel Awards. Resort Marbella Corfu has become a favorite destination of tourists from all over the world. He received an elite award for top 20 European places to stay on Corfu. Voted for by all the tourists and readers of this popular magazine for tourists. More than 700 thousand attending, this hotel gave a huge number of votes that have helped the journal to choose a worthy place in the world. The award is given to the best hotels, cities, Islands, SPA-complexes, airlines. Readers’ Choice Travel Awards is an elite award in the field of tourism.

Local residents interested in what was on the island of Kerkyra visits new domestic vessel “Admiral Makarov” – the first day to see it it’s 200, next day 300 people. Domestic morehody participate in the “Week of Russia” on the Greek island of Corfu from 27 September to 2 October. The frigate sailed under the flag of the commander of the infantry of the black sea Igor Osipov. Anyone can get on that ship. The sailors organised a fascinating tour of the deck, introducing history of the ship.

The reliquary with the remains of the healer Spiritone of Trimifunt from the Greek island of Corfu transferred to the Christian Russian Church and public exhibition. At a press meeting, Archpriest Vladimir Metropolitan of Irkutsk Dmitry Maksimov said that the Orthodox for a long time came to pray, to heal itself, and to solve various problems. The event will lasts from 29 August to 4 September in Sibexpocentre. Will start at 11 am. To come can all attend for free. The event will be attended by secular and religious society from 10 countries: it’s churches, shops, printing centers, monasteries. Also for visitors will be provided with free assistance of a lawyer. Any person will be able to touch God –...

The court reversed the conclusion of marriage of a Maltese, which he picked up from the cruise wedding a stranger. Marriage was issued in 2007, and a year later the young people went to the island of Corfu to spend our honeymoon there.

The number of people who choose a Greek island for the pilgrimage, is reduced. This was stated by the head of the pilgrim company Mouzenidis Alexey Petrichko. Firm located in Thessaloniki. When compared with the previous year, had decreased from 70 thousand to 56 thousand travelers. A significant decline occurred in may.

This year in the southern part of Corfu island locals and tourists have noticed a huge number of pink flamingos. In total, the pack has more than triksta individuals.