Mouzenidis: the first hotel Resort Hotels in Corfu and 26th in Greece

In chain of hotels, Resort Hotels now there Magna Graecia Hotel 4*. Well-known travel company Mouzenidis travel has told, that this 26 hotel account in the Greek resorts and 27 in the collection. They also say that it is the most cozy, comfortable four-star hotel, which is located in the picturesque village of Dassia. The island’s capital Corfu town is just 11 km from the hotel complex. The hotel offers its visitors cozy and comfortable rooms, unique style and high service. The hotel is designed for cosy budget holiday, but after the upgrade its landscaped territory of the hotel complex became even more beautiful and more accessible for families. However, he will operate on the basis Bomo Family, matching requirements and interests of all campers, as well as the personal preferences of each of them. A common standard for the provision of professional services Bomo Family implies compliance with the standards management organization:

  1. The hotel staff and the animators speak Russian.
  2. The grounds are spacious and well appointed.
  3. Rich infrastructure: on-site bars and restaurants, SPA complex, gym, Bicycle rental.
  4. Valid power system All inclusive: a wide selection of drinks, appetizers, snacks, ice cream, special menu for children.
  5. Stunning private beach at the hotel complex.
  6. Pools for children and adults.
  7. Fascinating animated presentation in Russian.
  8. Useful programs in the learning format for guests of all ages.
  9. Children’s area from 4 to 12 years.

Visitors who love to rest in this hotel, note that it is the most prestigious Seating complex in Europe, which they have ever visited.

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