Features of mount Pantokrator in Corfu

The Greek island of Corfu is the centre of many natural and cultural attractions. Coming here, you won’t regret the journey. The resulting emotions from travelling to Corfu will become something very valuable and secret to you. First of all, I want to mention the kindness and hospitality of the locals, which are a real decoration of the island. And, of course, not to mention the natural beauty of the island and its rich culture.


Speaking of Corfu, his head immediately appear a beautiful picture of the magical island with turquoise waters and Golden sand. Local landscapes resemble scenes from a beautiful film about the adventures on the beautiful island. In addition, many say that staying here is more family and peaceful nature of privacy from the outside world. All this makes Corfu in a beautiful corner of the world, hidden from prying eyes. It is worth mentioning some of the most striking features of Corfu.

Гора Пантократор Корфу

  1. The island has countless beaches of different sizes and with different shore. If you wish, you can relax on the sand or sunbathe on the rocky shore. In addition, in the Arsenal of this island is civilized, wild beaches and picturesque coves and bays. In most places you will meet a soft and gentle entry into the sea. It is very well suited for families with young children who will be able fearlessly to catch small waves along the shore.
  2. Local cuisine can turn the head of everyone. The attention of tourists are presented a variety of dishes with a generous helping of spices and plenty of seasonal vegetables and fruits. In addition, hungry from the table, which was covered by the Greek, no go. The local portion, among other things, are famous for their huge size.
  3. In General, the nature of the island is very beautiful and fascinating. On the island you will find a variety of fruit trees and beautiful flowering plants. In Corfu you can come across orange orchards, olive and cypress landing, and pear trees, Apple trees and BlackBerry bushes. All this turns the island into a beautiful Paradise, lush cool greenery.
  4. And, of course, not to mention the attractions of Corfu. This is the place that according to legend, is an island, where he married Medea and Jason, as if imbued with the spirit of the original ancient Greece. We recommend to visit the numerous castles, monasteries and churches of the island. They perfectly convey the spiritual heritage of the island.
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Гора Пантократор Корфу

Mount Pantokrator Corfu

This is the highest point of the island. Therefore, you should definitely visit this place for beautiful views of Corfu

  • Towering above the ground at 906 meters, the mosque looks like a majestic Pantokrator Corfu.
  • At her very fun to climb, making his way up a small narrow path. When you find yourself at the top, the inside can catch a breath, so beautiful view opens from here. Your eyes will be available the entire island and even become visible to Albania. If you’re lucky, and around will not be typical fog, you will be able to also consider part of Italy.
  • Mountain on Corfu has at its disposal a cosy and welcoming restaurant, which offers wonderful views of the natural landscapes of the island.
  • Also at mount Pantokrator Corfu is an interesting Church of the Transfiguration and a monastery.


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