Choose and book a hotel in Corfu may not seem an easy task, it’s all about the huge choice of the hotels, among which you can be confused. And every year the selection of suitable accommodation increasingly difficult due to the rapidly developing infrastructure of the island.

The village of Almiros on the North side of the island of Corfu is a continuation of the beaches of Arhavi. Here is more quiet and less development of residential complexes, with a predominance of rich herbs and citrus trees. Almyros hotel is located in the heart of the village and is a cosy area with a large number of apartments. Guests at the resort have the opportunity to spend a holiday in a peaceful and relaxing quiet atmosphere.

Ideally located on the seafront, the hotel offers its guests a warm and friendly atmosphere with excellent service. Enjoy your stay by selecting a room type that best suits the needs and desires, taking full advantage of modern and upscale amenities, the tourists can fully feel the atmosphere of Greek hospitality.

In the center of the island, the capital of Corfu, is situated the hotel Mon Repos Palace. This vacation spot will enjoy four-star service and sophisticated style of the ancient Byzantium with subtle hints of Greek culture.

In the centre of Ipsos village, just 10 metres from the beach is a small hotel Mega Corfu. The hotel is aimed at the holidays actively and for those who wish to save money on housing, but at the same time to receive quality service. The village of Ipsos can be considered a youth resort, so Mega Hotel will appeal to young people or newlyweds.

Greece is a wonderful country with a temperate year-round climate. There are many resorts and historical landmarks. One of these places can rightly be considered the skeleton of Corfu. Developed tourist infrastructure, excellent cuisine, lots of entertainment and great hotels attract travelers from all over the world. One of the good hotels for families is the Gemini hotel Corfu.

Dear readers, we welcome you to take a little tour of the place called Ermones. It is small but very cozy and pleasant suburb of Corfu. There are enough hotels here every year come dozens, and sometimes hundreds of tourists from different countries of the world. Hotels in Ermones are distinguished by their unique atmosphere, the peace and a special comfort. Below are more rassmotreny some of the hotels of this place.

The reviews on the Internet about the Greek island of Corfu abound in all sorts of flattering epithets, which concern the beautiful side of the island – its beauty, great scenery and well developed infrastructure. Rest here – the sheer enjoyment and pleasure.