When booking a hotel in Corfu?

Choose and book a hotel in Corfu may not seem an easy task, it’s all about the huge choice of the hotels, among which you can be confused. And every year the selection of suitable accommodation increasingly difficult due to the rapidly developing infrastructure of the island.


Types of accommodation in CorfuКак забронировать отель на Корфу

A Greek island with the capital city called Corfu offers a rich set of any kind of housing, among them are:

  • 5 stars. This is a great complex with many additional service, including a variety of treatments, sports and water activities. The power here is held by the system “all inclusive”;
  • 4 stars. In General, these hotels differ little from their famous counterparts. The only thing that does not get to the hotel all stars either situated far from the sea, or the lack of any kind of service. In General, the rest is not affected, but the price can fluctuate considerably downwards;
  • 3 stars. If you wish to book a room in these apartments is to conduct a more thorough monitoring features of the service. These hotels have a choice of the power system. The tourists are offered a continental Breakfast and a variety of dinner. This housing has affordable prices for accommodation and can be booked on the website.

The holiday season involves a large influx of tourists, so booking accommodation during this period can be costly.

How to book a hotel in Corfu?

При желании получить недорогой отдых с приемлемыми условиями поиском и бронированием нужно заниматься заранее. Оптимально решать эту задачу можно за полгода до предполагаемого отпуска. Такой шаг позволит правильно оценить город расположения гостиницы, изучить ближайшие достопримечательности которые можно посетить во время отпуска.

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Когда бронировать отель на Корфу

It should take into account such factors as:

  • distance to the beach
  • the availability of the necessary facilities;
  • the view from the room;
  • the number of floors of the residential complex;
  • the presence of the entertainment program;
  • environment for children;
  • the ability to holiday with animals.

Many of the hotels in 2018 are free to work with Bank cards and accept payments in any currency.

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