The Greek island of Corfu attracts into its territory of hundreds and even thousands of tourists. They all come here for different purposes. Of course, most people involved in this island due to its warm exotic climate and the azure Ionian sea and the magnificent nature. No wonder Corfu is popularly known as the Emerald Paradise.

The modern world sometimes drains even the strongest of people. Constant rush for Affairs, rhythmic moves, transitions, perelivy and the like, as well as snacks on the go make people nervous. Many people are in a constant state of stress. It is important to remember that it is now so important doubly concerned about their health and recreation.

Paleokastritsa is rightfully considered one of the most important suburbs of Corfu. Like all areas of Corfu, it is very scenic, and interesting places to visit. Other villages on the island can’t boast of its cultural sites – holiday is designed for families who long for privacy.

If you are planning a holiday in a hot country, but want there was an interesting cultural places, it could not be better suited the island of Corfu. This Greek island in the Ionian group of Islands is famous for its beautiful nature and warm sea.

When you go on holiday on Corfu, you rush towards the journey filled with fascinating local nature, the warm Ionian sea, as well as many places of interest.

In Corfu you can find a lot of amazing places. If you are planning your vacation, can’t choose the place which want to visit, know that Corfu is rich, fascinating natural places and cultural heritage. And cultural attractions have their separation.

Welcome all those who are planning their journey on the amazing Greek resort island of Corfu. Or possibly you not long ago visited this magical place, and now dream of its beauty. Well, let’s recall the most important sights of Corfu.