Dear readers, today we will visit the amazing place called the beach of Peroulades. Despite the fact that it is quite a small beach on the coast of the Ionian sea, it is very popular both among locals and among visitors of the island of Corfu. Arriving on Corfu, you are sure to hear something very flattering about this amazing beach town.

Dear readers, in this article you will be considered bright the benefits of recreation on a beach in Corfu. It will be about a place called pelekas. It is famous for its clean sea and very nice atmosphere. But about all under the order. To start I would like to talk in General about the features of a beach holiday on the Greek island of Corfu.

Corfu today is a favorite destination for hundreds of tourists from around the globe. This Greek emerald Paradise, as it is called, attracts tourists from Italy, France, UK, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Belgium and many other countries. Emerald Paradise is idealistic place named for its beautiful natural scenery.

On the Greek island of Corfu has so many wonderful scenic spots, resorts and beaches. It seems that this is the place for a heavenly home away from home filled with love, sweet bliss and complete relaxation. Of course, all this is due to the magnificent views of Greece. One has only to open photos of Corfu on the Internet, as soon as fall in love with this wonderful Paradise of nature.

Ah, Corfu Island, Corfu! Even your photos on the Internet make the heart-stopping – so beautiful and serene in this heavenly corner of the Earth! As well, Greece on the map has this special and cozy island. To understand what is different this popular resort, you need to immerse yourself in its atmosphere.

Corfu is truly a Paradise in the middle of the Ionian sea. It’s nature fascinates with its brightness and picturesqueness. No wonder why this place on Earth called the Emerald Paradise. Here you feel one with nature, and full chest to breathe after all sorts of working days are generally hard and busy life at home.

Corfu is famous for its unique natural views. Some of them truly can make your head spin! Cost to go here at least once, then to long remember scenic spots of this resort. Most importantly, perhaps, is not to forget your camera and your smile.

Many tourists choose Corfu because of its wide variety of beaches. Numerous resorts Greek Islands attract hundreds of tourists every year. Of course, they all have beautiful beaches on its territory. There are other places that attract tourists in this emerald Paradise, as is sometimes called Corfu in guidebooks and brochures.

The island of Corfu are choosing ardent lovers of the beautiful beaches. Here you can find a seaside for every taste. At times it seems that Corfu is a real concentration of all beaches in the world. We offer to find out what hundreds of tourists from all over the world as attractive to the local coastline and then enjoy a virtual holiday at one of the coasts of Corfu – the beach of Moraitika.