What’s a vacation without shopping? And on the island of Corfu is well aware the sellers of all stripes. There are many outlets where you can make a real Corfu shopping. You can buy anything in the shops around the island, and therefore we bring the best of commercial establishments according to reviews of tourists.

Having been on the Greek island of Corfu is not difficult to bring Souvenirs that will remind you of the wonderful vacation. Moreover, the question here is what to bring with Corfu is solved very quickly. From fur coats to a small magnet, you can buy almost everything.

Any journey, especially abroad, requires certain tools, so all who wish to take vacation on the wonderful island of Corfu interested in this question, as an expense. Until recently it was believed that Corfu is a place of aristocrats and millionaires, to date, such a conclusion is erroneous. Now here can come and people with average incomes.

Corfu island is not only warm sea and stunning views of nature is primarily developed tourist industry. The Greeks are hospitable people and for its guests this nation has spared neither time nor effort. And of course, what’s a vacation without shopping? What to buy in Greece, Corfu for a regular tourist? These questions have one answer: “Greece has everything”, so it’s best to stock up on the necessary amount of money and go shopping.