To spend a holiday on an amazing Greek island of Corfu, so give yourself an unforgettable pastime. Tours to the island of Corfu Greece, and prices in travel agencies of Russia considerably differ, and to find something suitable may take a lot of time and effort. We will help you find what you need for a comfortable stay in Greece.

In this article you will see several typical tours on the island of Corfu, which offered tourists from St. Petersburg in 2019. To visit Corfu from St. Petersburg in several ways. First, you can depart directly from the Northern capital.

Dear site visitors, in today’s material is devoted to valuable information on holiday in Corfu in September 2019. Certainly, analyzing the tours of this period, you will get the best way to choose a new tour this or any other year. In General, the September holiday on this Greek island is always characterized by similar conditions. And all tours to Greece have their own distinctive features. Should talk about them to anyone who is planning your holiday on this island Paradise, was ready to use all its benefits and well-planned time and resources. Because vacation planning is a very important component of it.

A resort like Corfu will captivate in a year very many tourists, who dream to fully relax from the big and dusty cities. Greece has always been famous for its warm climate, abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables and lovely and warm the sun and the sea! The benefits of the rest of the country can be long and many to tell. In this article an attempt was made to bring them into a structured list. While the second part will address the most common resorts and approximate prices for the tours this Greek island.

Dear readers, can only envy those who now chooses to tour for vacation! Moreover, if You are going to a warm welcoming to Greece, to the island of Corfu. Vouchers to this place is always very, very much, as it is a very popular resort today.

The map of the Greek island of Corfu is a great variety of different resorts. They are of different sizes and different mood in their territory. Despite the fact that Greece has consistently pleases tourists with its Sunny towns, each resort has a unique atmosphere.

Description the Greek island of Corfu can be found in many myths and Scriptures. It involves a lot of action, which are described in the stories of Ancient Greece. For example, there was the wedding of the famous thieves of the Golden Fleece.

A holiday in Greece nowadays attracts an increasing number of tourists from around the world. This country just made for the perfect family vacation. Its clear blue beaches, and stunning scenery can captivate any traveler. In addition, Greece has a very mild climate, which is suitable for the maximum number of tourists.

Holidays in Corfu is famous for its unique beauty of nature, the legendary sightseeing and a variety of hotels. Here is everything you need for a relaxing and yet interesting vacation. What Corfu is different from the hundreds of similar resorts that are scattered around the world?

Greece is rich in its unique Spa towns, each of which has its own unique advantages. In this article we will talk about the resort of Alykes Greece.