It’s nice when you come to another country and immediately see your concern. In Corfu hospitality in the order of things and the tourist immediately surrounded by pleasant emotions.

Corfu is becoming more popular among tourists from the countries of the former USSR. Come here to rest people of almost all nationalities. This is not surprising because the island of Corfu as it is called by the Greeks – is a Paradise place which gives an unforgettable vacation. For this reason, the question arises how to reach to it without any problems and difficulties. Consider the most popular routes.

While staying in the Greek city of Athens, it is worth taking the time to visit the island of Corfu. There you can enjoy the magnificent beaches, sightseeing and just spend your holiday in a heavenly place. So the question is how to get from Athens to Corfu, and the problem how to get from Thessaloniki to Corfu worried many travellers.

Going to relax in Greece, remember that almost all these resorts are observed by picturesque mountains. They attract attention of hundreds of tourists. The rocks in Greece, as a rule, are overgrown with lush green vegetation of Greece.

Vacation on the beautiful island of Corfu can be enjoyed on the beach, or to devote time to local attractions, of which there are a great many. A trip to Corfu can be an exciting adventure, to pursue goals not only entertainment, but also to solve the problem of recognition of something new.