To spend a holiday on an amazing Greek island of Corfu, so give yourself an unforgettable pastime. Tours to the island of Corfu Greece, and prices in travel agencies of Russia considerably differ, and to find something suitable may take a lot of time and effort. We will help you find what you need for a comfortable stay in Greece.

Choose and book a hotel in Corfu may not seem an easy task, it’s all about the huge choice of the hotels, among which you can be confused. And every year the selection of suitable accommodation increasingly difficult due to the rapidly developing infrastructure of the island.

Visa to Greece can’t do without insurance policy – this is a mandatory step for the correct execution of documents. The availability of insurance in Greece, specifically Corfu can already require at passport control and if not, then you can be fined or denied entry.

It’s nice when you come to another country and immediately see your concern. In Corfu hospitality in the order of things and the tourist immediately surrounded by pleasant emotions.

To Corfu from Russia, you can only get on the plane. Flight direct flight is 3 hours, after this period of time of tourists meets local airport Ioannis Kapodistrias. Buy a plane ticket for Moscow-Corfu and back cheap, can be monitored among airlines engaged in such transportation, price may be a difference of up to 5,000 rubles.

Going to relax in Greece, remember that almost all these resorts are observed by picturesque mountains. They attract attention of hundreds of tourists. The rocks in Greece, as a rule, are overgrown with lush green vegetation of Greece.

Tours in Corfu

The island of Corfu is extremely attractive not only for its natural beauty and beaches, drawn here and lovers of history. This is due to the presence of many attractions and places that you can visit thanks to the various guided tours. Excursions to Corfu town is quite diverse and can satisfy the tastes of any tourist.